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One More Day – Comics 101

With Charlie Cox returning to screens last Friday as Daredevil, carrying The Punisher in tow, there was really only one thing I could write about this week. You guessed it! It’s The Amazing Spider-Man! …Okay, so that sounds like a stretch, but hear me out; while Netflix’s Daredevil was part of my motivation for looking […]

#TeamCap – Hawkeye – Civil War Dossier

Who Is Hawkeye? Renowned for his pin-point accuracy and his smooth bow skills, Clint Barton, or Hawkeye has played a vital role in the history of the Avengers. However things didn’t quite start out on the most positive footings. Debuting in 1964 in Tales of Suspense #57 , Hawkeye went head to head with Iron Man, starting his comic […]

Top 3 – Captain America Trailers

Steve Rodgers (Chris Evans)  has been on quite the rollercoaster since he first dropped into the Marvel Cinematic Universe back in July 2011. Frozen in ice, waking up decades later, Rodgers has faced Nazis, Hydra, an alien invasion, his best friend, and now in April 2016 he will come head to head with his long time […]

#TeamCap – Falcon – Civil War Dossier

Who Is Falcon? Flying into the comics for the first time in 1969 (Captain America #117), Sam Wilson was the first African-American hero to ever feature in any of Marvel’s comic series. Sam has an affinity to birds,  having trained pigeons in his youth, and he, alongside and his pet falcon Redwing spent their early comic years taking down […]

#TeamIronMan – Spider-Man – Civil War Dossier

With the new trailer for Captain America-Civil War, Team Iron Man unveiled their newest member: “Hey everyone”, Spider-Man. You may think Marvel’s most iconic superhero needs no introduction but its important to remember as Stan Lee pointed out, “Every comic book is someone’s first.” and considering this is his first appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe a […]