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Chris Pratt Talks About Infinity War

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 hasn’t even been out for a week and that’s increading the hype for Infinity War. All in all, the Guardians and the Avengers are teaming up for it! On an interview with the Toronto Sun, Pratt was asked about the film. He said that Infinity War would be huge and […]

Jeff Goldblum Confirmed For Jurassic World 2

Jeff Goldblum was a huge part in the original Jurassic Park films and now his part in the Jurassic World sequel has been confirmed! In a report from The Hollywood Reporter, he will reprise his iconic role as Dr. Ian Malcolm, who had been the park’s insurance consultant and, more impressively, survived the original films. It’s not […]

Kurt Russell Was Cast In Guardians Vol. 2 Because Of Chris Pratt

In a recent interview with Empire Magazine, writer/director James Gunn explained how actor Kurt Russell became involved with the film. The director announced Russell would play Star-Lord’s father. Gunn revealed that the idea came about because of a suggestion made by Chris Pratt, Star-Lord himself. Gunn was clearly excited by the suggestion. “He was actually not in my head initially but one day Chris […]

Concept Art Revealed For Guardians 2

Information about the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2  is slowly being brought out. Debuting on Empire Magazine, new concept art for the Guardians 2 was released. The art released gives a glimpse of what some of our favourite heros are up to, revealing a hideous monster. Also featuring in this image is the beloved Baby […]