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Mark Millar Charity Auction #TorresBenefit

Writer Mark Millar best known for his works Kick-Ass, Civil War and The Secret Service, is auctioning off the keyboard he uses to write as well as 25 stack tall collection of signed comics. In a post on the forums of his official website Millar informed fans about the auction and what the money would […]

Twitterbowl 2015

The Superbowl Bet set Twitter ablaze. For those unaware, the Twitterbowl, as some are now calling it, was a bet made between Chris Evans (Captain America) and Chris Pratt (Star-Lord). Kathryn Bluher and Rose Ibarra (Egge) explain: “Evans, a New England Patriots fan, and Pratt, a Seattle Seahawks fan, both wagered on who they thought […]

Legend Of Korra Creator Reveals Art Print For Charity

Bryan Konietzko, co-creator for The Legend of Korra has shown off a special print featuring Avatar Korra and her partner Asami together in a turtle-duck boat. The piece will be featured as part of The Legend of Korra / Avatar: The Last Airbender Tribute Exhibition at Gallery Nucleus, California. The print will sold as an exclusive […]

Chris Pratt Makes Good on Super Bowl Bet

The Super Bowl came and went again this year. We got out trailers, ads and halftime shows but we also got something special  that set it apart from all previous Super Bowls that gave me a reason to be invested in this year’s game. The epic wager between Chris Evans and Chris Pratt that would melt your heart. And […]

Return of the Potty-Mouthed Princesses

Back in October, FCKH8.com released this video: With a view to addressing the systemic mistreatment of women, FCKH8 dressed up a series of youngsters and armed them with a rhyming script. The tactics are simple and effective. Many regard swearing as “bad language” is viewed. It is especially unbecoming for children to swear. So with […]

Event: HeckCon

Date: 13th of September 2014 Tickets:  €10* on the door or pre-ordered here. (*more gratefully accepted) Venue: National College of Ireland (Directions / Parking info) May 2014 saw the unfortunate loss of a member of the Irish Gaming Community. David Smyth who was better known to his friends as Heck. In honour of David and in […]

The Batman Within Us All

  75 years, man. 75 years. Think about that for a second! Some of your relatives may have been born and passed on in that time frame, countries were torn apart by war and re-built with lessons hard learned, Stan ‘The Man’ Lee was only 17 back when this all started. The dark knight himself […]