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The Walking Dead Had Other Plans For Andrea

The Walking Dead over it’s six seasons, has been well known for it’s willingness to kill even the shows seemingly pivotal characters (although the Glenn incident from the most recent season perhaps suggests a sea of change on that front). This was no more evident than it has ever been when at the climax of a season 3 […]

Top 5 Wishlist Characters For Street Fighter V

With the recent reveal of both Cammy and Birdie as confirmed fighters for Street Fighter V, I thought I would go through some of my personal picks for returning characters from the long extensive back catalogue of the Street Fighter series. I will mainly be focusing on characters that haven’t been in a game or two; those […]

James Gunn On New Character in Guardians Of The Galaxy

As though Marvel haven’t been responsible for enough excitement related fainting fits, we have James Gunn coming out on twitter to tell us that on top of everyones favourite aliens, he’ll be bringing one of his favourite characters to life on the big screen with Guardians of the Galaxy 2. “@MarioMurgueitio: James, is there a favorite […]

Watch_Dogs Character Trailer

“Meet Watch_Dogs’ characters: Some are friends. Some are enemies. Sometimes you won’t ever know. In a city of 3 million people, you’d be surprised how few you can trust.” Ubisoft’s Watch_Dogs is almost here and the promo campaign is in full swing so if you weren’t one of the thousands of people dying to get […]