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Character Performing – Cosplay Closet

For most, cosplay starts out as a simple hobby, something fun to bring to conventions and to wear with friends, possibly even to do some photoshoots just to show off the costume in the best way possible! For some, cosplay can progress into a professional way of life, you just have to look at cosplayers […]

Overwatch Character Profile: Lúcio

Overwatch is out in just a few days, and I can’t wait to play it again. I’m suffering withdrawal since the end of the open beta. I didn’t really know much about any of the characters save for Widowmaker, Winston and Tracer. I also knew that Reinhardt had a big shield. But I didn’t know how […]

Cosplay Closet: All The Con’s A Stage

One thing that I think often gets overlooked in cosplay is representation of the character not only through the overall look and style that makes them iconic, but also their attitude. After all, it’s called cos-play not costuming, so there should be at least a little effort made to play your part, whoever or whatever […]

Zelda profile for 'Hyrule Warriors'

Princess Zelda is not a pushover by any means and any gamer worth their salt will tell you that! Whether in guise as Sheik or royal garbs, she is the bearer of a the Triforce of Wisdom and has proven her strength countless times against the dangers found in Hyrule. The video below profiles her […]

X-Men: Days of Future Past – Meet Magneto

Name: Max Eisenhardt / Erik Lehnserr Alias: Magneto Abilities: Magnetism manipulation that allows him to generate or dissipate magnetic fields. Magneto also possesses a genius-level intellect and a strategic mind, he wears a helmet that shields his mind from even the most powerful of psychic attacks. First Appearance: The X-Men #1 Portrayed by: Sir Ian […]

News: Meet ‘Quiet’ in MGS V

First revealed in the trailer at E3 this year, Konami have released some more ‘information’ about one of the new characters appearing in Metal Gear Solid V – Quiet is modelled on Stefanie Joosten and other than being a scantily clad sniper, there is still no information on what her part in the story will […]