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Marvel’s Starforce Unveiled

With the recent release of first look images from Captain Marvel we also got a look at Marvel’s Starforce. The Kree military force will be recognisable to most fans of the comics. As part of : Galatic Storm event, Starforce is created by the Kree Supreme Intelligence during the Kree/Shi’ar Intergalactic war. The force contains Kree’s greatest of their […]

Marvel Casts Brie Larson As Captain Marvel

We heard rumours, we’ve had campaigns, we’ve had so much speculation as to who the MCU’s Captain Marvel could be. Well the wait is finally over. Brie Larson is the MCU’s Captain Marvel. Working for the US Airforce, in the comics Carol Danvers became Captain Marvel after a brief interaction with the Kree hero Mar-vell. Once […]

Marvel Reveal Some Post-Civil War MCU Details

Civil War hasn’t even landed yet, and already fans, enthusiasts and journalists are taking advantage of the Captain America: Civil War press tour to find out whats still in store once Civil War is done. Directors of the Cap sequel, and directors of the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War films, The Russo Brothers have been sharing tidbits […]