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Nananananananana BATMAN! Back Issues

This last week we mourned the passing of the great Adam West, a man who has been synonymous with Batman since some of his earliest screen appearances. The usual image we get of the Dark Knight Detective is a brooding, demonic figure, perched above a gothic city skyline. Adam West’s Batman couldn’t possibly be any […]

Batman: Arkham Knight Character Poster Released

A new character poster for Batman: Arkham Knight has been released featuring Bruce Wayne’s trusted butler, Alfred Pennyworth. Alfred was the man servant of young Bruce’s, Martha and Thomas Wayne, before their murder. As he was responsible for raising their son, Bruce, Alfred became more of a father figure to the boy who eventually became Gotham’s dark protector. […]

Batman: A-Z

  To celebrate Batman day we’ve all gone a little batty at The–Arcade. So here’s my go at the A-Z of Batman. Let me know in the comments if you think a letter is better suited here guys because believe me there were many choices I had to make. A: A is for Alfred Pennyworth, […]

Those Terrible Batman Games

  Mention a Batman videogame today and people will gleefully reminisce about stalking the streets of Arkham City, masterfully kicking the crap out of crime. But there was a time before Rocksteady gave us the game we deserve, and we were left with some of the worst games ever made. Batman – 1986 The Dark […]

The Women of Batman

  DC announced that today would be Bruce Wayne’s day, a day to celebrate the history and the life (real or not) of one the most iconic heroes ever created, Batman, the Dark Knight. It’s important that we recognise all that he has done, despite being a fictional character Batman has inspired hundreds of thousands […]