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Brown Eyed Girls’ Jea Covers ‘Sorry’

The other week, we ran our weekly feature Ewtube as an ode to alternative Justin Bieber covers. However, when we ran the piece it was apparently a case of bad timing as the Brown Eyed Girls founder and vocal powerhouse Jea has just uploaded a live acoustic cover of her own. The Arcade wishes to apologise for our […]

We Love Kpop For The ‘Music’

Kpop is so full of different sub-genres, there are so many types of music to choose from, we’re often spoiled for choice. So many fantastic rappers, beautiful ballad singers and amazing dance hits, not to mention the intense and hypnotic choreography and live performances. Idols are so multi-talented too, they can sing, dance, rap, model, […]

Miryo Makes Comeback With ‘Queen’

Miryo, AKA Johoney, of Brown Eyed Girls fame has just released her latest single, titled ‘Queen’. The video can be seen below and features not only provocative visuals and stunning designs, but also vocals from fellow Brown Eyed Girls member, Ga-In.  Brown Eyed Girls (BEG) are a K-pop quartet made up of Miryo, Ga-in, Jea and Narsha. […]