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Vincent Cassel Cast As New Bourne Baddie

News of the next instalment of the Jason Bourne franchise just keeps getting better. Matt Damon has already announced that the as yet untitled fifth film will see himself, Julia Stiles and Paul Greengrass all returning to reignite the series. It has now been revealed that French film legend Vincent Cassel has been cast as […]

Jeremy Renner Is Up For A Bourne/Cross Crossover

With news of the fifth Jason Bourne film confirmed for 2016, looking ahead at the sixth film in the franchise might be a little early. Yet in a press interview with Screenrant.com, Jeremy Renner has stated his willingness to return to the role of Aaron Cross and his world of government espionage and assassination. When asked about collaborating with […]

New Bourne Legacy Trailer

The new trailer is released for the Bourne Legacy. This one explicitly links into the original Jason Bourne trilogy, confirming it’s not a reboot. It looks like what we have come to expect from a Bourne movie. Jeremy Renner has undergone similar training program as Jason Bourne did, and now must going on the run for some […]