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Some Borderlands 3 News Likely To Hit PAX East

Gearbox Software have teased an upcoming announcement for March 28th. The cell shaded image found on their social media sites, is reminiscent of the art style of a certain Borderlands franchise. It’s based on a road sign and points to Boston Massachusetts, which will host PAX East between March 28th-31st. Another clue pointing to it […]

Cosplay Closet: Being A Cosplay Guest

This week’s Cosplay Closet is just that little bit different from normal as I thought I’d write about something I’ve recently had some practice in! It’s something I always wondered about, it’s something I always wanted to know more about and couldn’t really find too much about online. Being a cosplay guest at a convention […]

New Borderlands Game Coming From Gearbox

Developers Gearbox Studios confirmed at PAXEast that when they’re finished with current project Battleborn, they’ll be turning attention towards a new Borderlands game. During their panel, which Eurogamer attended, CEO Randy Pitchford made the announcement adding “It’s no secret, obviously there’s going to be another Borderlands.” Many are calling it Borderlands 3, to complete the […]

Borderlands Movie In Development

Movie adaptations of gaming franchises appear to be Hollywoods next big target. Not long after getting our first look at the upcoming Assassins Creed movie, Lionsgate have announced they have a movie based on Borderlands in the works. The movie will be produced by Ari Arad, who is supposedly also producing movies based on Metal […]

Geeky Goodies: Plush Comfort

We’re heading for a rough, cold and wet few weeks/months and while some of us (me, mostly me!) are looking forward to the freezing dark nights ahead the rest are dreading soggy clothes, biting winds and lack of sunshine. It got me thinking though about the things we use to comfort ourselves, get all snuggled […]