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Boba Fett Was Original Villain Of Episode Six

It’s the eternal struggle of any original trilogy fan that someone as cool as Boba Fett croaked so quickly. However, according to former Lucasfilm fan relation officer, Craig Miller, our tight-lipped bounty hunter was originally intended for a much larger part! In an interview with Inverse, Miller explained that Star Wars was intended to extend to […]

Boba Fett – Style Saturday

Hey there, geeky fashionistas! This week on Style Saturday we’re looking at one of the coolest characters with the least screen time in the Star Wars universe; Boba Fett! Now, I know what you’re thinking, I’ve already done a Star Wars wardrobe, but quite frankly you can never have too much Star Wars style in your closet. That is […]

News: Star Wars 1313

  Did you hear about the Star Wars game that disappeared into the void? Before the loss of Lucas Arts and most of its properties 1313 was to feature Boba Fett as a main character. Well the cancelled Star Wars game, Star Wars 1313 has resurfaced in an article by IGN. An unnamed source gave IGN […]