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PS4 PlayStation Hits Release This July

PlayStation 4 has been available for almost five years, first releasing in 2013 and a number of high profile titles have released to critical and commercial success. Now on July 18th, you can revisit or discover some of the best PlayStation Hits. These will be available at the low price of €19.99 each. The full […]

Big Games Coming To PS Plus For March

Sony have revealed, via their blog, some big games coming to PS Plus for March. While there are still 2 games for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita, a whopping five games will be available for PlayStation 4, thanks to cross buy. Bloodborne (PS4) Enter From Software’s Yharnum, the brutal, blood-soaked world of Bloodborne. The critically acclaimed […]

Review: Bloodborne

I stand on a deserted bridge, the skyline of the gothic city of Yharnam burns orange in the setting sun. The bodies of two lycanthropes lay at my feet, their lifeless forms smoldering from the molotov cocktails I used to end their violent and torturous ways. I am the harbinger of death to all creatures […]