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The Crow Reboot To Cast Top Dollar

The Crow remake is looking to cast Birdman star Andrea Riseborough to play Top Dollar, the head of an evil crime syndicate that is responsible for the death of The Crow’s girlfriend. The gritty reboot based James O’Barr‘s comic book character will star Jack Huston as Eric Draven who becomes the supernatural antihero out to seek vengeance for […]

Review: Birdman

Last year, I wrote an article entailing the reasons as to why I believed that the movie Birdman would be a golden opportunity to cast a humorous, satirical eye on the superhero saturated market of Hollywood. By virtue of the actors that had been announced — I had wagered that the performances would be strong […]

First Teaser For Birdman Released

In the continuing trend of Mexican film-makers being awesome, Alejandro González Inámitu, the man behind 21 Grams, is about to release black comedy Birdman. Actual info on the film has been light up until now, but we finally have a first teaser, check it out! Starring Michael Keaton, Zach Galifinakis, Emma Stone, Edward Norton and […]

Make ‘Em Laugh– From Batman To Birdman

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 25 years since Tim Burton skewed the landscape of all superhero films to follow. When he adopted a new gritty style to the titular ever popular Batman for the silver screen Burton launched the hero to a new generation that wanted edgier anti-heroes as their protagonists. An argument […]