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Immortals – Fall Out Boy

Okay I need a bit of a pick me up this Wednesday. The day job is ramping up, the responsibilities are mounting but I’ve got this! I totally got this! So to just cement my new found confidence, time for some Fall Out Boy and their track ‘Immortals’. ‘Immortals’ was written and recorded by the rock […]

Review: Big Hero 6

As long as Disney have owned Marvel, there’s a been a gentle tick-tock in the background as to when both would come together to make a superhero film from comic book origins, and of all the properties available, no-one would have suspected it’d be the Big Hero 6. Not that where the characters come from […]

New Trailer For Big Hero 6

The Disney animated adventure Big Hero 6 is a film that has had our curiosity peaked ever since its announcement because it is, in fact, an adaptation of a lesser known late-90’s Marvel comic book of the same name. Previos trailers have shown us the comedy of lead character Hiro and his sidekick Baymax, but […]