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Fifth Bourne Film Confirmed For 2016

You know when you wake up in the morning and you realize there just haven’t been enough Jason Bourne movies? Well, for those of us waiting to see if the Greengrass and Damon magic could be revived, fret no longer, as Jason Bourne is confirmed to return to the big screen in what will be the 5th installment of the […]

Review: Gone Girl

There’s a strong argument to be made for the idea that David Fincher’s latest venture, Gone Girl, is an attempt to make the most unreviewable film that isn’t abstract and coherent only in subtext. The first 45 minutes or so is the only window of story that can truly be openly written about and many, […]

Affleck Speaks About Wayne Role

“I’m right in the middle of shooting now. It’s a process that I’ll probably have better perspective on when I’m done. I can tell you that every time I do a role, it’s the responsibility of an actor to get their physical self as close to the role as possible. And Batman’s obviously got a […]