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The Batmobile – Gallery

Sometimes how cool a Batman incarnation is rides on his gadgets. Aside from the almost comical utility belt and the Batsuit, of prime importance is the Batmobile. From the 60’s TV show to the newly teased Justice League version, the Dark Knight’s car is sure to never disappoint. This gallery aims to look at just some […]

Take A Tour Of The Batcave With Google Maps

We know people have some mixed feelings about the latest superhero release, Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. However, any nerd would be shunned for saying that they didn’t want a tour of the Batcave. Much to the delight of comic book fans everywhere, Google has made it possible to tour the Batcave in Google Maps, showing […]

1966 Batmobile For Sale With Value Of $5 Million

Let’s suppose you’ve come into some money. Nothing frivolous, just a few million. Maybe it was inheritance from a relative you really didn’t care for, maybe you were just given an over-generous allowance for groceries. Why not put that money to good use by purchasing this hot piece of motor!? Designed by George Barris, the […]

Top 5 Batman Gadgets to own!

Batman,  one of the more realistic superheroes is well renowned for his gizmos and gadgets. In fact its pretty much what makes him as popular as he is -well that and his crazy smart brain. And while it may not be possible for us to reach his level of strength and conviction and indeed deep […]