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How Batman V Superman Fails Its Heroes

[Warning: Full Spoilers For Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, The Dark Knight Returns And The Death Of Superman] There’s no 100% right way to interpret an existing comic book character. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice acknowledges this, like predecessor Man of Steel, by being largely its own establishing shot of some of DC’s […]

Take A Tour Of The Batcave With Google Maps

We know people have some mixed feelings about the latest superhero release, Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. However, any nerd would be shunned for saying that they didn’t want a tour of the Batcave. Much to the delight of comic book fans everywhere, Google has made it possible to tour the Batcave in Google Maps, showing […]

Alfred Pennyworth May Get His Own Series

In a rather interesting move, DC Entertainment has recently registered a trademark in the name Pennyworth, hinting at the possibility of a new TV Series for Batman’s most loyal friend. As it stands, there are currently two live-action incarnations of Bruce Wayne’s butler, namely Jeremy Irons‘ Alfred to feature in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice […]

Dawn of Justice Chinese Release Date

The days of long gaps between domestic and international release dates are long gone. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be released on March 25th in China as well as America. Chinese audiences have shown much fondness for super hero movies, with Iron Man 3 and Avengers Age of Ultron in particular being huge successes. […]