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The Batmobile – Gallery

Sometimes how cool a Batman incarnation is rides on his gadgets. Aside from the almost comical utility belt and the Batsuit, of prime importance is the Batmobile. From the 60’s TV show to the newly teased Justice League version, the Dark Knight’s car is sure to never disappoint. This gallery aims to look at just some […]

Nerd Icon – David Warner

David Warner is one of my favourite actors. He has a refined yet intimidating voice which compliments his remarkable charisma. He has given his talents to many iconic TV and film franchises for over 50 years. You may not immediately know his name but his body of work is so immense and so diverse that […]

Forgotten Childhood – Batman TAS: Baby-Doll

Batman TAS (The Animated Series) is second to none in its adaptation and interpretation of the legendary comic book characters. It’s also known for creating new heroes and villains. While some became staples of the mythology (Harley Quinn, Renee Montoya) others are best suited for one-off adventures. These little stand alone stories have no real star power but […]

Kotobukiya Take On Animated Batman

He is the Batman that most of us remember and despite the many incarnations that have followed him since, it has been very hard to knock Batman The Animated Series off it’s pedestal. Now renowned figure and collectibles maker Kotobukiya are preparing to release a new statue of Batman based on the cartoon series. It’s currently […]

Bob Hastings Passes Away At 89

Bob Hastings, known for his acting roles in McHale’s Navy, All In The Family and General Hospital and for providing the voice of Commissioner Gordon in Batman: The Animated Series, has passed away at the age of 89. According to his granddaughter, he died Monday in his California home after a lengthy battle with prostate […]