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Stranger Things’ Barb Found In Riverdale

Okay she’s not playing Barb but it has been confirmed that Shannon Purser will take a role in the upcoming series, Riverdale. The Archie comics reboot is being produced for The CW network. Purser has been cast as Ethel Muggs. In the comics, Ethel was portayed as a ‘plain-jane’ with a not so subtle crush on Jughead. In The […]

Stranger Things Creators Say Barb Will Have Justice

[SPOILER WARNING FOR NETFLIX’S STRANGER THINGS] The breakout TV show of the year so far is easily Netflix’s  Stranger Things. The sci-fi adventure through small town 1980s mid-western America including telepathy, alternate dimensions and D&D references has captured the hearts and minds of genre fans around the world. But one character viewers have really clung […]