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Catherine: Full Body – Review

Catherine is a game that I’ve been tangentially aware of since the original release back in 2011/2012. However, despite being a fan of Atlus based on their other work, I wasn’t really aware of the content of the game. I never owned a platform on which I could play it, so I never felt a […]

Atlus Makes Some Big Persona Announcements

That’s right, Atlus has dropped a triple game reveal and an anime. Many people were wondering, after the success of Persona 4: Dancing All Night, if we would see other Persona games get that treatment. These games were strongly hinted at when Atlus registered some domains a while ago but now we have confirmation. Persona […]

Persona 5 Comes To Europe In February 2017

Deep Silver announced on twitter recently that they would be localising Persona 5 in PAL regions for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Deep Silver have worked with Atlus USA in the past when they published Catherine in Europe. They are also publishing other Atlus USA titles, as well as some select Sega titles. The only two others […]

Release Date Revealed For Persona 5

Persona 5 has suffered another delay for it’s North American release, being pushed back from it’s 2016 window to February 14 2017, five months after the Japanese release date of September 15 2016. The date was announced by Atlus USA PR Manager John Hardin. The news is not all bad though, there is going to […]

Catherine – Replay

Catherine is a favourite haunt of mine, I play through it probably once a year. For anyone who doesn’t know Catherine was made by Atlus, specifically the team behind the Persona games and was actually teased in Persona 3 Portable. The player could meet the main character Vincent, only called “Man Drinking Alone”, who would […]