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Borderlands Movie In Development

Movie adaptations of gaming franchises appear to be Hollywoods next big target. Not long after getting our first look at the upcoming Assassins Creed movie, Lionsgate have announced they have a movie based on Borderlands in the works. The movie will be produced by Ari Arad, who is supposedly also producing movies based on Metal […]

New Image Released From Assassin’s Creed Movie

Entertainment Weekly has revealed one of the first images from the highly anticipated Assassins Creed movie as well as some insight from the leading man himself, Michael Fassbender, on what the role entails. Speaking about bringing the Assassin’s Creed series to the big screen, Fassbender revealed that they are “striving to find something special. We believe the […]

Ubisoft Reveal Release Date For Assassins Creed Chronicles Trilogy Pack

Three Assassins. Three Journeys. One Creed. Ubisoft has unveiled the release dates of the final two instalments of the chronicles trilogy that spans the globe as assassins in China, India and Russia get their own standalone stories. These will all tie together through an overarching narrative. The first instalment of Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China was released […]

Press Start: 5 Must-Play Games

As I’m always giving my opinions and reviews on a variety of different aspects of video game culture, I thought would share my all-time favourite games. These are my little gems that literally hold a place in my heart. Some are just funny, casual humour and others can actually get my heart racing with excitement when I play […]