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Gallery: Star Wars Travel Posters

I was stuck for ideas on what I could use for my gallery piece, and as I often do when I’m stuck I just started staring around my room looking for some inspiration. Thank you Middle Earth poster! I found it in the form of an art print a friend bought me for my birthday […]

Gallery: Sarah’s Scribbles

This week on gallery, we’re showing off much beloved web comic, Sarah’s Scribbles. For the past month or so, this web comic has basically been my guide for life. Not only do Sarah’s Scribbles relate in a personal way to the every day lives of it’s readers, it does so in a way that is […]

Iconic X-Men – Gallery

In the wake of the disappointing X-Men Apocalypse, we’ve put together a gallery of stunning art by Dave Rapoza of iconic X-Men, some of which were not in the movie (unfortunately). Set against muted yet striking pastels, the art is gorgeous and I for one would love to have a few of these prints on my […]

The Art of Ricken – Gallery

Okay I’m a little too excited for the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse release and I’m spending my spare time immersed in fan theories, character bios and plotting my revenge in case the movie doesn’t turn out the way I hope! Part of my time has been spent ogling comic book pages and fan art featuring some […]

The Art Of Torianne00 – Gallery

I came across this wonderful artist on Instagram a number of months ago, and within the last few weeks she has become one of my absolute favourite artists. She creates wonderful youtube videos where she brings these sketches to life, and the really are addictive. Everything from her colour choices to her creative process really do make […]

The Art of Medusa Dollmaker

Lately I’ve been enamoured with the works of Asunción Macián Ruiz, most commonly known as Medusa Dollmaker. She is a self-taught digital and traditional illustrator from Valencia, Spain. Her work tends towards the dark and macabre, with some splashes of nerdyness along the way. Lots of filigree and art nouveau elements make her work extremely intricate while still remaining […]

Zombie Short Films – EwTube

YouTube is a fantastic platform for creatives, and there are some superb short films published by up and coming filmmakers and actors. Although the films may only be a few minutes long and with tiny budgets, there are some really brilliant stories being told by unknowns. This week for EwTube we’re looking at zombie-themed short […]