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How To Make Floating Spooky Ghosts

I love Halloween! The autumny time of year, the costumes, pumpkins! I also especially love getting crafty (in every sense of the word) and what better time to make some spooky decorations. I’ve decided to make some floating ghosts to hang from the ceiling (or any overhanging area I can find) and here’s how I […]

Too Floof To Be Sweet

Keeping in with the cute as a button theme for today and it would not be complete without a few pictures of some cutie animals. Fear not you’re not the only one who loses hours looking (swooning) over those many doggo pictures online, because we certainly do. These are some cute floofs with a twist. […]

Japanese Balloon Artist Creates Anime Replicas

A Japanese balloon artist, known only as Ke63, has been attracting some attention on Twitter lately with their balloon creations. Most of these creations are amazingly accurate recreations of some well loved anime characters. The latest from Ke63 is the Sealing Wand from anime series Cardcaptor Sakura (whatever happened to that show!?) as well as various […]

Stephen Byrne Breaks Our Firefly Loving Hearts

First there was that traumatic gif featuring Zoe and a hologram of Wash! Now Stephen Byrne is going straight for what remains of our feelings! The artist who has already tackled the worlds of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Doctor Who has released a teaser for The Animated Adventures Of Firefly: It’s 39 seconds of sheer perfection and we […]

Inspiration in Art: Just Keep Drawing

As artists, we gain inspiration from a variety of different sources. Some can gain inspiration at home from their families and friends. Nature inspires some while sprawling cityscapes inspire others. Though, as the prevalence of fanart would imply, many artists simply get inspiration from pre-existing works. Influence in Existing Work Even artists on existing shows, […]

CHVRCHES New Music Video Is Wickedly Divine

CHVRCHES have dropped the music video for their latest single ‘Bury It’. The track features Paramore’s vocalist Hayley Atwell. The music video is a spectacular animation that shows us a super powered band take to the skies and highlight some wicked powers! CHVRCHES Divine Inspiration If you’re watching it and think there is something familiar about […]