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90s X-Men Movie Setting Confirmed

You never need an excuse to listen to the spine tingling opening theme for the 90’s X-Men animated series, so do yourself a favour and listen to it while you read this amazing news story! Anyone following the current X-Men movies would be able to take a strong guess at what the next setting would be for […]

Deadpool Versus Psylocke

Okay it’s not the showdown of the century and it might not be the movie you wanted to see but damn it it will make you laugh! Watch as Deadpool lead Ryan Reynolds and X-Men: Apocalypse star Olivia Munn cross swords and skills in a short lived but heated battle! #Psylocke @oliviamunn vs #Deadpool @VancityReynolds pic.twitter.com/eZbo9KPS9y — X-MenFilms.com (@XMenFilms) […]