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Stephen Byrne Breaks Our Firefly Loving Hearts

First there was that traumatic gif featuring Zoe and a hologram of Wash! Now Stephen Byrne is going straight for what remains of our feelings! The artist who has already tackled the worlds of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Doctor Who has released a teaser for The Animated Adventures Of Firefly: It’s 39 seconds of sheer perfection and we […]

Batman VS Joker In Stop Motion

Well I don’t know about you but when I heard someone shot a stop motion Batman VS Joker video and popped it on YouTube I realised I’m probably not even going to be as 10% productive in my day as the guy made it! Fact! Check out the video below It’s brought to us by YouTuber […]

Pokémon Champion Red – Video

This might be the greatest Pokémon fan video ever made! I do not say that lightly! Prepare to be drowned in waves of nostalgia, Pokémon Champion Red, chronicles the head to head battles with the Elite Four and rival on the quest to attain glory. Watch as a fully trained team featuring Lapras, Pikachu, Venusaur and more battle […]

EwTube: Undertale Underlings

One of last years biggest indie game successes was Undertale, a bizarre old school style RPG that took the world by storm with its smart writing, beloved characters and mind bending endings. The game has gained a rampant fanbase, many of whom have created wonderful fan creations about the game, ranging from catchy remixes to […]

First Simpsons Store To Open In China

In an interesting turn of events, Chinese media has announced that the first Simpsons‘ stores in the world are set to open in March in Beijing and Shanghai. This has left a lot of fans confused that Fox would have chosen China for their flagship store, considering the stormy relationship that China has had with […]

Kylo Ren Freaks Out About Everything

In what has to be the most fitting capture of Kylo Ren and his wonderful personality, this animation by YouTuber, Bill Bergen, displays all we hold dear about the wannabe Sith lord. If you felt Kylo was all teenage angst and no psychotic Sith you’d be in the majority (probably!) who felt the character was […]