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American Gods Featurette – A Storm Is Brewing

Starz has released a featurette for their upcoming adaption of Neil Gaiman‘s popular book American Gods. For those unfamiliar with the book, it follows a man prisoner, Shadow Moon, played by Ricky Wittle. He is unexpectedly released a couple of days early from prison when he receives word that his wife has been killed in an accident. Shadow […]

New American Gods Character Posters

The Gods are coming! I thought this would never happen but American Gods is almost here. Bryan Fuller unveiled these character posters on Twitter to help with the wait. It doesn’t help, I can’t wait for this show. It hasn’t even started and I already want a second season! That OMG in the posters describes […]

First Look at American Gods

“Only the Gods are real” That’s what Neil Gaiman wrote in the preface to American Gods. After seeing this Entertainment Weekly first look we could say that the Gods are more real than ever. These two images help give a feel of what the series will look like. They show Ricky Whittle (Shadow), Pablo Schreiber (Mad […]

Gillian Anderson Added To American Gods Cast

Gillian Anderson has signed on for a role in the first season of American Gods. Yes, Scully herself will be playing Media, the goddess of television. She will be joining Ricky Whittle (Shadow), Emily Browining (Laura), and Ian McShane (Wednesday). It’s always a nerve-racking experience for fans to see their beloved books adapted for the […]