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American Gods S01E05 “Lemon Scented You” Review

Another week, another episode of American Gods. This time we’re going further into slightly uncharted territory, and that’s always a good thing. This week’s episode wasn’t written by Fuller and Green though. It was written by executive producer David Graziano, not that I noticed the change because it was a solid episode. And the director? […]

American Gods S01E04 ‘Git Gone’ Review

Another week, another American Gods episode (with a slight delay in the review, so my apologies for that!) Don’t get me wrong, it was a terrific episode… but it felt weird. The story hasn’t advanced at all because this episode focuses only on Laura Moon, catching up to the ending of episode 3. The title […]

American Gods S01E03 “Head Full of Snow”

Another week, another episode of American Gods to review. Much like the previous episodes Bryan Fuller and Michael Green wrote it and David Slade directed it. I wonder if this will happen the whole season, but if it does I can’t complain. This season has been exceptional. “-I tried my best. -Your best is good” […]

American Gods Renewed For Second Season

For a change, I found out about this through Instagram when Neil Gaiman posted this photo. With @bryanfullergram talking about American Gods Season Two. Which is now a thing that will happen. Henry the dog has many plot opinions. A post shared by Neil Gaiman (@neilhimself) on May 11, 2017 at 12:15pm PDT After I […]