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The Walking Dead Had Other Plans For Andrea

The Walking Dead over it’s six seasons, has been well known for it’s willingness to kill even the shows seemingly pivotal characters (although the Glenn incident from the most recent season perhaps suggests a sea of change on that front). This was no more evident than it has ever been when at the climax of a season 3 […]

AMC Release First 4 Minutes Of Preacher

AMC is premiering Preacher this Sunday and the gears of promotion are already grinding. The first detailed reviews have started to appear and two days ago AMC released the first 4 minutes on the show on Snapchat, through the Discovery feature. Sadly, when I heard about it I couldn’t find it. Turns out its time […]

The Walking Dead S6 Ep 11 ‘Knots Untie’ Review

After the fun and surprises from the previous episode, I didn’t quite know what to expect in ‘Knots Untie’. I didn’t think the writers would continue steering the show far from its dark depths, and although they haven’t quite returned to the doom and gloom of seasons past, they’re definitely experimenting with some interesting new themes for the series. […]