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Idolize/Fetishize – Life In Japan

I’ve talked a lot about idols on this site, in this column, other columns, and most recently, in an interview with some idols themselves. If you were to scour those articles with a fine-toothed word-comb, you’d likely notice a pattern of near-psychotic positivity; I’m a big fan of idol music and idol culture, and generally […]

Music Monday: AKB48

If you’re not familiar with AKB48, you probably don’t live in Japan. AKB48 are, essentially, an absolutely massive pop group with 48 members that rotate in and out of active duty based on popularity rankings and an annual general election. The group has been around basically forever, certainly as long as any J-POP fan can […]

Music Monday: Japanese Idols

Seeing as Japan is kind of my thing here now, it seems only right to focus this week’s Music Monday on something uniquely Japanese; Idols! Summer may be over, but chances are Japan’s biggest idol summer smashes never made it across the Atlantic, so get ready, it’s about to get high-pitched up in here. AKB48 […]