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In My Element – Half Shy

I’d like to thank Facebook sponsored posts for stumbling across this track. Actually credit has to go to Half Shy, it’s their advert after all. One of my favourite cartoon series is coming to an end soon, we’ll be saying goodbye to Finn and Jake. Adventure Time will conclude this September. The entire gang head to war against […]

EwTube – Musical Maladies

There are few more noble endeavours than the musical mashup. The only way to truly improve upon perfection is to blend it with a starkly different perfection and marvel at the marvellous results. The combination of two works of art into a blend of super-art if you will. And like all great works of art, the best […]

Geeky Goodies: Plush Comfort

We’re heading for a rough, cold and wet few weeks/months and while some of us (me, mostly me!) are looking forward to the freezing dark nights ahead the rest are dreading soggy clothes, biting winds and lack of sunshine. It got me thinking though about the things we use to comfort ourselves, get all snuggled […]