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Netflix Obtains Rights To Skylanders Academy Series

Skylanders Academy, an animated series releasing next month, is a spin-off of the original content of the game by Activision. Now Netflix have announced they obtained the highly exclusive rights to the show. The voice cast includes Justin Long as Spyro, Ashley Tisdale, Jonathan Banks, Norm MacDonald and Richard Horvitz. Meanwhile, the show will be ran by Eric Rogers, primarily known for […]

Crash Bandicoot May Be Making A Comeback

by Anthony McGlynn and Mary McFadden  It’s been years since we’ve been treated with a Crash Bandicoot game, but now Sony seems to be teasing a return for everyone’s favourite bandicoot. The Middle Eastern branch of PlayStation recently posted an image with text that loosely translates to “Most Wanted: Where Are You Crash?” أكثر شخص […]

Activision Announces Skylanders Battlecast

Activision’s multi million dollar cash cow, Skylanders, has been steadily building up a huge player base over the past few years, due to their toy-based gameplay. It would seem that all those toys may be useless now, as Skylanders is moving genres to TCG (tradable card game) with the announcement of Skylanders Battlecast. Unlike many […]