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Freaks And Geeks – ReWatch

I recently rewatched Paul Feig‘s quirky show Freaks and Geeks and man, I had missed that show. First aired in 1999, the retro sitcom follows a group of misfitted high-school students in the early 1980s. Paul Feig is a well-known actor, director and producer, with credits such as Bridesmaids, Spy and Sabrina The Teenage Witch, yet this […]

Lyndsey Stirling ‘Heist’ Music Video

Violinist and geek champion Lyndsey Stirling has released a brand spanking new music video for her piece ‘Heist’. Stirling is known for her extravagant music videos as well as her sublime skills with the violin and her beautiful covers of video game music. I’ve got to say I found the first minute or so of this […]

Music Monday 20/10/2014

Do you ever get home Friday after a long week in work/school only to go to bed and wake up to find that somehow it’s Monday morning?  You better say yes to that otherwise I’m going to start googling symptons and my hypochondria won’t be stoppable! My weekend is missing and Monday feels just that […]

Music Monday 18/08/2014

This was supposed to be a ‘Music Monday’ dedicated to my crippling hangover but I’ve realised this week it’s something a little more! These are the kind of songs you shouldn’t sing out loud in public (let’s face it unless you can actually sing you shouldn’t do it in the first place) but these are the kind […]