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Review: The Pyramid

There’s a set of alarm bells that begin to go off whenever a horror film lands in theaters these days and its any of the following: released during blockbuster season, a found-footage film, containing only one named actor and led by a director whose only credits include b-movies. The Pyramid manages to be all of […]

Review: The Maze Runner

There’s no doubt that right now, young adult film adaptations are the current trend in Hollywood. Any and every popular young adult novel is being bought up in order to try and cash in on even some of the pay-out that trend-setters Hunger Games and Twilight have enjoyed. Thus far, none have managed to make […]

Singer Officially Directing X-Men Apocalypse

Let’s face it this was obviously coming down the line but it is very nice to have 20th Century Fox confirm that Bryan Singer will return for the next movie in the X-Men franchise. Singer has directed the last two highly successful movies, ‘First Class‘ and ‘Days of Future Past‘ and that closing scene from […]

New Trailer For The Maze Runner

One of the most tantalizing films of the year is definitely The Maze Runner, a film based on the young adult sci-fi thriller. If the film manages half of what the book achieves in imagery and suspense, it’ll be a very good watch. From the look of this new trailer, I think we’re onto a […]

Movies @ SDCC 2014 – Part 2

Marvel What to Expect: Avengers: Age of Ultron (Coming 2015) A sentient robot known as Ultron forces The Avengers to reunite and save the world once again. Marvels powerhouse franchise gears up for its second sequel and you can bet that director Joss Whedon will be eager to put on display the newest images and […]