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Netflix Plans To Create Two New Lego TV Shows

With the recent explosion of Lego based media as of late, and with the massive success of The Lego Movie last year, it’s a no brainer that original TV shows would be in development. This news comes to us from Netflix’s official Twitter earlier today, as it would seem that everyone’s favourite streaming service has decided […]

Twin Peaks To Return 2016

It’s happening. The bizarre brain child of Mark Frost and David Lynch Twin Peaks is coming back 2016 on Showtime. Check out the teaser: The show ended after 2 seasons in 1991 and followed FBI Agent Dale Cooper as he investigated a Homecoming Queen’s death in the town of the show’s title. The hallmark surrealism […]

Deadpool Movie Officially On The Way

It’s official, finally. After months and years of speculation and hear’say, the Deadpool movie has been confirmed. Fox are making it happen for the release date of February 12h 2016. It appears that ‘leaked’ test footage and its large internet reception has finally made the fantasy a reality. Rejoice, fellow nerds, for we have finally […]

Doctor Strange Set For 2016

We’ve been anxiously awaiting confirmation for another Marvel hero to enter the movie-verse as Doctor Strange has been heavily touted for years now. After a mention in Captain America 2, and Joaquin Pheonix all but confirmed, all eyes are on Marvel to give us a release window. Now we finally have that much. Similarly to […]