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No Game No Figure? – Must Have

There is no doubt that anime is a medium that has the possibility of amazing merchandising. This is even more evident now that it has become pop culture and more widely available. Companies go to great lengths to recreate the favourite characters from different anime series. The recent hit No Game No Life has received […]

Imaginext Power Rangers – Geeky Goodies

In most major toy shops you’ll probably find some Power Rangers toys, though they’re more than likely part of the latest one or two series. Often they’re interesting enough in design, even if you’re not following their associated series. I know I was tempted to buy some of the pirate themed weapons! In Smyth’s, however, […]

Rick And Morty Merchandise – Must Have

I think most people you’ll speak to these days will say they have seen and loved Rick and Morty. And how could you not? The show is unique, risky and – more importantly – consistently hilarious! Thankfully, like anything that gets any way popular these days, there is plenty more merchandise shoved into our hands to […]

Attack on Titan Material Crown Jewellery Collab

With the start of the new season, everybody is all hyped up for Attack on Titan once again. Some more so than others, but either way, if you’re a fan of the series you should definitely check out the new collaboration between SNK and accessory brand Material Crown! The new collab includes two rings and a necklace, […]