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Style Saturday: Fellowship Of The Fashion

While we wait for Winter it’s important to remember that Autumn is basically it’s rehearsal. Weather as changeable as Gandalf’s mood, winds harsher than those of Redhorn Pass. Layers and function are vital for this season, interchangeable layers that can transform a casual look to professional and vice versa all while fighting back the cold. Where […]

Style Saturday – No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky has taken the world by storm (literally) ever since it was released earlier this month. The long-awaited video game hasn’t disappointed, with its magnificent and beautiful open-world gaming experience. Every player has been astounded by the level of detail and beauty put into creating a unique game that is something new and special […]

Style Saturday – Enchanting Evil

One of the most anticipated movies of the year has come out and reviews are mixed. Some loved it, mostly DC fans, while some weren’t so kind, going as far as describing it as a “hot mess”. Harley Quinn’s big screen debut (lets face it, we’re all only going to see it because of Harley […]

Rosie The Riveter – Style Saturday

Today’s theme on The Arcade is GIRL POWER and what better icon to represent girl power than Rosie the Riveter? The ‘We Can Do It!’ poster and the cultural icon Rosie the Riveter (representing the American women who worked in factories and shipyards during World War II) were combined to form what we today see as […]

Utena Tenjou – Style Saturday

‘Revolutionary Girl Utena’ is a classic nineties anime that began airing before I was even born. Yet the design and stylistic elements remain as intriguing and engaging to viewers as they ever were. I’ve always found the outfit designs in the show interesting. While retaining an element of the general magical girl genre, the designs are […]