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Who Is Your Favourite Star Wars Leading Lady?

Rogue One has just hit cinemas (check out our official review here) and we’re feeling very nostalgic about the Star Wars movie universe. The franchise has some fantastic female leads, from the animated series to the movies to the books, and we’ve decided to see who tops the most-loved list! Who will you choose? Brave Leia, ruthless […]

Marvel TV vs DC TV- Knockout

DC TV I think it’s fair to say, DC has not had a good run on the big screen in the last couple of years. From the disaster that was the Green Lantern film to the more recent Batman VS Superman fiasco, fans of the DC Universe are starting to regret hearing of  plans for new films as […]

Knockout: eBooks vs Books

Brandon and Abel pull no punches when it comes to their reading! Both passionate about their pages, they’ve a shared passion for the literary world! Unfortunately they tend to differ about how one should treat and experience their books! It’s the classic versus the modern as the pair pit books against eBooks. For eBooks When […]

Knockout: Fantasy – Books Vs. Games

Fantasy is a genre that has been ingrained in culture and storytelling from the earliest days of human communications, spanning many mediums and primarily deals with forces of supernatural or magical nature. Fantasy works tend to be set in highly fictional worlds where strange creatures, magic and tales of adventure are common themes throughout . […]