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TGS 2015 Indie Spotlight: Thumper

Tokyo Game Show is a big event. Like, big. Nearly 200,000 attendees on it’s final day alone big and even in this increasingly digital age, that much foot traffic is nothing to be sniffed at. The big names aren’t the only companies displaying their wares, however, and a quick stroll over to the second hall […]

Kpop Ireland Interview: Lunafly

Lunafly are getting ready for their European tour starting September 4 in Madrid, but they were kind enough to take some time out and give Kpop Ireland a short interview before they jet off to Europe! KPI: What are you most excited about for your European tour? Lunafly: Seeing our European fans is definitely the […]

Kpop Ireland Interview: B.I.G

Kpop Ireland has managed to snag an interview with one of our favourite bands, B.I.G! The letters stand for ‘Boys in Groove’, and they have five members; J-Hoon, Minpyo, Gunmin, Benji and Heedo. They made their debut in July 2014 with their fantastic track ‘Hello’. Thanks again to the wonderful folks over at Japako Music! Due to some unforeseen […]

Interview: Collin Heier, US Pokémon Champion

We recently had the pleasure to interview US Pokémon Regional Champion, Collin Heier, after his incredible 2-0 victory in the US Masters division of the popular Pokémon video game series. This particular tournament was streamed live around the world and saw Heier rise to the top, and achieve the coveted title, as well as the championship […]

Kpop Ireland Interview: MAMAMOO

Kpop Ireland, thanks to Japako Music, recently got to interview the wonderful Kpop girl group MAMAMOO! Our members sent us in some questions and Mamamoo kindly put together a video for us with their answers! If you’re new to Mamamoo, let us give you a quick introduction. Mamamoo officially debuted in the K-pop industry under WA […]

Interview: Giulio Nardozzi

Who here loves cosplay!? Well then I have just the treat in store for you. Recently I interviewed the gorgeous and talented Giulio Nardozzi. For those who may not know who this guy is, he is a ridiculously talented cosplayer from Italy (can it get any better?). I caught up with Giulio to talk cosplay […]