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Meet The Star Wars: Resistance Characters

The official Star Wars Twitter account dropped a video detailing the characters for upcoming series Star Wars Resistance. The new animated series focuses on the adventures of Resistance pilot tasked with spying on the First Order. Going undercover, the resistance member, Kazuda joins a racing team called ‘Fireball’ aboard the station Colossus.   Meet the […]

Binge It Or Bin It August 2018

We’re big fans of Netflix at The Arcade. Some may even call the number of hours we devote to the platform obsessive, but we’re owning it. Plop us on a couch in front of a 50 inch screen, provide us with a big bucket of popcorn and we’re happy bunnies! As we’re self-described Netflix connoisseurs, […]

In My Element – Half Shy

I’d like to thank Facebook sponsored posts for stumbling across this track. Actually credit has to go to Half Shy, it’s their advert after all. One of my favourite cartoon series is coming to an end soon, we’ll be saying goodbye to Finn and Jake. Adventure Time will conclude this September. The entire gang head to war against […]

Brock Baker Sings Toto’s Africa In 29 Voices

Okay colour me impressed with your impressions Brock Baker. The popular YouTuber takes on one of the internet’s favourite songs ,’Africa’ by Toto. There are some amazing impressions here across a range of cartoons from different eras. Credit where it’s due Mr. Baker. Sure there were a few that were a little stretched, Nigel Thornberry for […]

Rayquaza Takes A Real Bite Out Of Pokémon

It is one of those questions many Pokémon fans have often pondered. Do our favourite little pocket monsters feed off each other? Well short answer is… yes! If you are a Trainer who takes the time to consult their Pokédex after catching a new Pokémon you won’t be surprised by this fact. In Pokémon Red/Blue […]

The Breadwinner Review

Directed by Nora Twomey, The Breadwinner is the third feature film to be released by Irish studio Cartoon Saloon. Since its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2017 and subsequent nomination for Best Animated Picture in the 90th Academy awards, we’ve been eagerly awaiting its release on May 25. Thanks to The Irish […]

Animaniacs Is Set To Return in 2020

Hulu, Warner Bros. Animation and Amblin Television are teaming up to bring back a beloved 1990’s cartoon series. Animaniacs is set to return in 2020, with two seasons already ordered. The show will see the return of Steven Spielberg to executive produce alongside Warner Bros. Animation president Sam Register, as well as Amblin Television co-presidents Justin Falvey […]