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Timeless – San Diego Comic Con Preview

There’s a new time travel show coming to NBC in October, and it might just be important. Timeless at first appears to have a traditional wibbly wobbly timey wimey trope structure, but becomes so much more given the thought that both the writers and performers are putting into their roles. We at The-Arcade were lucky […]

Virtual Reality at San Diego Comic Con – Featuring Teen Wolf and American Horror Story

Virtual reality was everywhere at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, and it’s pants-wettingly terrifying. I was lucky enough to try out two experiences in particular, one at the FXhibition just past the San Diego Convention Center, and the other on the convention floor itself. Amid a host of FX Network show set pieces including […]

Jackie Chan Adventures – Forgotten Childhood

“He would rather laugh than fight, it’s wrong or right, you gotta like him Jaaaaaaaackieeeee Chaaaaan! Where’s the Talisman? You gotta find it now, you always do somehow!” I’ve been humming the Jackie Chan Adventures theme song for years, but only in doing research for this article did I discover that it was performed by […]

Marvel TV vs DC TV- Knockout

DC TV I think it’s fair to say, DC has not had a good run on the big screen in the last couple of years. From the disaster that was the Green Lantern film to the more recent Batman VS Superman fiasco, fans of the DC Universe are starting to regret hearing of  plans for new films as […]

Rebirth: Arrow, Wonder Woman , Superman – Comicphiles

Green Arrow #1 – Rebirth (DC) Oh Oliver Queen, I had such high hopes. This Rebirth special follows Green Arrow and Black Canary doing the traditional team up. Misunderstanding…argument…beat the bad guys. Otto Schmidt‘s art, and particularly the colouring, is wonderful. Hats off to the man. Really, the green tones throughout add a wonderful feel […]

The Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con – Review

The Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con was a kitschy hullabaloo, a satisfyingly quaint collection of artists, writers, and geeks making a living from their fandom. Let’s dive into it. Local Vegas comic stores were well represented in the merch stakes, and from perusing them and other stalls something I’ve always felt has finally been confirmed. […]

The-Arcade Hits Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con!

This weekend from June 17-19, the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con will be taking over the Las Vegas Convention Center. Filled to the brim with special guests, this three day convention is focused on comics comics comics – and how they transitioned to the big screen. Kevin Eastman, creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, […]

Brie Larson In Talks To Play Captain Marvel

Variety are reporting that Oscar winner Brie Larson, is in early talks to play Carol Danvers in the upcoming Captain Marvel film. Larson made a huge impact in Room, the 2015 drama by Irish director Lenny Abrahamson.  While no confirmation has been issued by the actress or Marvel, it’s getting to the point where a […]