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History Maker – Dean Fujioka – Track of the Day

Much like many people in January, the new year new active me takes a while to kick in properly. What starts as positive more advanced Yoga etc class sign-up doesn’t continue past week 2,for various reasons. This can make motivation even worse and I’m a lot of people can relate. So there’s many tracks I […]

Geeky Goodies To Brighten Up January

Having a serious case of the January blues is very common. But with any luck, instead of the bath sets and socks that are unwanted (unless you’re Dobby), your nearest and dearest had the sense to give you something you wanted. Whether that’s something from this list, or the money or vouchers to buy what […]

John Williams – Rey’s Theme -Track of The Day

Okay, so it’s just a bit early for Christmas music. Just a bit. I also reckon people are sick to (Volde) mort  of seeing me write about Harry Potter. And I’m very late to the party to use the Thorsday pun as Ragnarok was a while ago now. But I can still appreciate John Williams […]

Re-read : Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Every so often I like to re-read one of the Harry Potter books. This time however, I had a number of reasons; to prepare to re-watch the film and to re-read the third novel. As fans will know, the orchestral accompaniment series of film screening at The Bord Gáis Energy Theatre is continuing with Chamber […]

‘I Put A Spell on You’ – Bette Midler -Track of the Day

For some, me included, it is acceptable to start preparing for Halloween once October hits and celebrating half way through. But for most, the festivities only began last weekend, long and spooky as it is. Whether you’re a Freddy or a Jason, an Alien or a predator, you’ll likely include both alcohol and nostalgia in […]

Not Another Teen Movie – Screensavers

At the beginning of the 00’s parody movie saga, most people remember the Scary Movies, and by the mid to end of the decade want to forget trollop such as Disaster Movie and Date Movie. In the former part of the decade, the first of the non-horror ripoffs was Not Another Teen Movie. Rather than […]

The Mummy/The Mummy Returns – Screen Savers

The first question you probably have is why in God’s name would I not only suggest you sacrifice yourself to the watching of one of these films but both.(The third one doesn’t exist, don’t try to disagree). The answer of which is why not as I prepare to assault you with all of the gifs. […]

Quidditch Camp Is Coming To A City Near You

We’ve been a bit quiet on the Quidditch front since Team Ireland returned from Oslo. But this isn’t because the team, and the local scene, has quieted down; far from it! The Dublin Draíochta Dragons and the national consortium of the sport QIRE, have been busy promoting and organising events for the sport. The former […]

‘Back in the 90s’- Grouplove -Track of the Day

Is anybody reading this as excited as me that Bojack Horseman is back? It went completely under my radar until a few friends said they binged it all in one weekend (it was revealed on Netflix on the 8th). The consensus seems to be that it’s a little less down than last season and with […]

‘Ready For It’ – Taylor Swift – Track Of The Day

Love her or hate her, Taylor Swift has been blowing up the internet with the releases from her upcoming album Reputation. Much like Game of Thrones, she can divide people. However, nobody can deny she makes waves. The recent release of ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ both invigorated and confused even fans of Tay-Tay; it’s a new […]