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추노/The Slave Hunters Review

Since 2010, there have been many fantastic Korean dramas, but for me, not one of them has beaten The Slave Hunters. It has a phenomenal cast, a brilliant story, plenty of eye candy and will definitely make you cry your eyes out. The Slave Hunters is set in Korea’s Joseon Dynasty and revolves around the […]

Kpop Words You Need To Know

When you’re starting out in the world of Kpop, there are a few things that can be confusing. One of those things is definitely the language barrier. So today we’re going to help you out with some of the Korean words you need to know to understand your idols a little better. Pronounced “pan” or […]

Where To Start With Kpop – The Basics

Absolutely everyone in the world with access to music has heard ‘Gangnam Style’ by now. PSY’s global success was a huge milestone in the Kpop world, and Kpop fans everywhere felt like total hipsters when their friends started to show them PSY when we’ve all been listening to him for like, 10 years already. But […]

Kpop Weekly Recommendations

Hello again our Kpoppin’ Arcadians! This has been a busy few weeks in the Kpop world with a lot of new releases. We would love to show off every single one of them, but you might be here for a few days. So here are some of our favourites! We are kicking off our recommendations with a fantastic […]

Kpop Weekly Recommendations

For this weeks Kpop recommendations, we are kicking things off with a mellow track from Amber. ‘On My Own’ was composed and written by Amber. Gen Neo, who was previously involved with the production of Goodbye Summer from f(x)’s second album, was also involved in the composing of the track and is featured in it as well. […]

Kpop Weekly Recommendations : B.A.P Special

In honour of B.A.P‘s Live on Earth Tour being held in 6 European countries this May, we decided to dedicate this week’s Kpop recommendations to them. B.A.P came on to the Kpop scene in 2012 and blew us all away with their debut song ‘Warrior’. They already had a fan base prior to this as they […]

‘Letting Go’ – Day6 – Kpop Track of the Day

Our Kpop track of the day today is from rookie rock band Day6. The vocals in this song are absolutely jawdropping. “Letting Go” is the title track from their new mini album ‘Daydream’, and it includes lyrics by members Young K and Wonpil, who also participated in composing the track. The mini album features six songs, and […]

‘Out’ – MR.MR – Kpop Track of the Day

Today’s Kpop track of the day comes from our beloved MR.MR! ‘Out was released in April of 2015 and is the title track of MR.MR‘s second mini album of the same name. The song kicks off with a funky guitar intro. The boys look super handsome in their matching outfits as they dance perfectly in […]

‘All of Me’ – Hoya – Kpop Track of the Day

Today’s Kpop track of the day is actually not a kpop track, it’s a fantastic acoustic cover of John Legend‘s ‘All of Me’ by Hoya from Kpop boy band Infinite, featuring Yu Seong Bum on guitar. Hoya released this cover on his 25th birthday. Inspirits (Infinite‘s fan club) everywhere are rejoicing at the release of this […]

‘Fantastic’ – Rap Monster – Kpop Track of the Day

Our kpop track of the day is a ‘Fantastic’ hit from Rap Monster featuring Mandy Ventrice! This song was released in August 2015 as a collaboration with the Hollywood blockbuster movie Fantastic Four from Fox Studios. Rap Monster is the leader and main rapper of the super popular kpop boy group BTS. He wrote the lyrics and also co-produced […]