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Must Have It – Guide to the Crystal Gems

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of Cartoon Network’s ‘Steven Universe.’ The avid Crystal Gems fan that I am, it should come as no surprise that have been psyched for the new addition to the series. ‘Guide to the Crystal Gems‘ is a supplementary book that Rebecca Sugar wrote to accompany the […]

Remember The Kayak Bear? – Viral Video

For years, funny animal videos have been regaled as the pinnacle of internet humour. There have been thousands of video compilations starring cats falling off things. If you get your chuckles from listening to autotuned dogs barking then you’ll find hours of joy on Youtube. Animals have a cute factor coupled with a silly factor […]

Steven Universe S3 Ep 9 ‘Too Short to Ride’ Review

Cartoon Network released ‘Too Short To Ride’ on July 20 2016. Fans had been awaiting the episode for some time as teasers from it were released as promotional material for the Steven Universe ‘Summer of Steven’ special in the weeks before. The episode opens with Steven giving Peridot a tablet computer as a gift. After Steven […]

‘Zero to Hero’ – Alan Menken, David Zippel – Track of the Day

I recently watched Disney’s 1997 feature Hercules for the first time. Somehow it had slipped through my grasp as a child in favour of its animated spin-off series. But given the Olympics recently drawing to a close in Rio, I decided to give it a watch. Aside from the much loved classic, ‘I Won’t Say […]

Steven Universe S3 Ep 8 ‘Mr. Greg’ – Review

The eighth episode of season three of ‘Steven Universe‘ was released on July 19th. ‘Mr. Greg’ was the third episode to be aired of this summer’s special bomb of Steven Universe episodes. Not only is ‘Mr. Greg‘ a much needed elaboration on the end of ‘Drop Beat Dad,’ but it is also the long awaited […]

Dragon Ball Z Films Coming to Sky Cinema

If you’re a ‘Dragon Ball Z’ fan, you’re in luck this month. Sky Cinema is airing both ‘Battle of Gods’ and ‘Resurrection ‘F” in the coming weeks. They’re showing them as part of their ‘Premiere of the Day.’ Dragon Ball Z centres around a man named Goku who fights evil on Earth with the Z Warriors. Toei Animation originally released […]

Song of the Sea Artbook – Gallery

Anyone who has seen Song of the Sea will know what I mean when I call it breathtaking. The Academy Award-nominated film, directed by Tomm Moore, is a joy to behold for any fan of animation and cinema. The film tells the story of a young boy’s adventure across Ireland with his sister, who happens […]

Steven Universe S3 Ep 7 ‘Drop Beat Dad’ – Review

Last Monday saw the release of not one but two new ‘Steven Universe‘ episodes. ‘Drop Beat Dad‘ was the second aired and is the seventh episode of season three. It had not been previously aired, unlike ‘Steven Floats‘ which actually premiered on Cartoon Network France last month. Plot Point The episode starts with Steven helping […]

‘Allegro 2001’ – Atsushi Inaba, Minae Matsukawa – Track of the Day

There’s one song off the Ace Attorney soundtrack that always gets me focused. That song is ‘Allegro 2001’. The song is played throughout the game whenever you are cross examining a witness. It is often referred to as the testimony music for this reason. Focusing I started playing Ace Attorney back in 2008 and, I will […]

Steven Universe S3 Ep 6 ‘Steven Floats’ – Review

Summer of Steven kicked off last week with ‘Steven Floats.‘ It was the sixth episode of the third season of ‘Steven Universe.’ Although it only officially aired in the US on the 18th of July, it was old news to many. Cartoon Network France released the episode almost a month earlier on May 22nd. Plot […]