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PAC-MAN Partners With Orlinski for 37th Anniversary Kickstarter

A new kickstarter campaign is up for Pac-man’s 37th anniversary! Neamedia have partnered with artist Richard Orlinski to produce limited edition, officially licensed Pac-man sculptures. Available through kickstarter, the sculptures are available in a variety of sizes and finishes. As of writing, the gold chromed sculpture early bird offers are already gone, though it is still […]

What Remains of Edith Finch – Review

Hoo, boy! This’ll be something. If you’ve read any of my other reviews you’ll know that they are all more mechanically focused. It’s not that I don’t care of things outside of mechanics but more so I’d often feel ill-equipped to discuss the finer points of narrative and themes in writing. However , I feel […]

‘Life is Beautiful’ – Deadly Premonition – Track of the Day

Saturdays are often wonderful, as they represent the end of a week at work/school, they free up your whole day so you can lounge around in bed or meet friends or go shopping, but they’re not all brilliant. Sometimes Saturdays are just dull. But you know what you need to remember when a weekend isn’t […]

Deadly Premonition Gets A Board Game

Did you hear that, Zach? A Deadly Premonition game is on Kickstarter! What’s Deadly Premonition? Cult hit video game, Deadly Premonition is getting it’s own card based board game! For those unfamiliar, the game has you play as Special Agent Francis York Morgan. Just call him York. You are investigating the murder of a young […]

‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Sequel Finds It’s Name

Director Doug Liman, in a recent interview with Collider, confirmed the title to the Edge of Tomorrow sequel as Live Die Repeat and Repeat. The original film, based off of a novel by the name of All You Need is Kill was renamed Edge of Tomorrow for it’s theatrical release. With the tagline of Live. Die. Repeat. […]

Screen Savers – Alien³ (Alien Cubed)

Alien 3, or Alien Cubed as I often call it, is my least favourite Alien film. And this includes AVP and actually… wait… AVP Requiem could be worse, I apparently just unblocked memory of that film. Well if nothing else, Requiem was technically horrendous in that you can barely see what’s happening throughout the film, […]

Heroes of the Storm 2.0 – Update Report

Heroes of the Storm’s large update was released recently, Heroes of the Storm 2.0. What the patch essentially boils down to is the addition of loot boxes. Which I have no problem saying I’m wary of. It’s been fine for now but I am also getting boosted experience due to a stimpack. That’ll be the […]

Replay – Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker

I’ve a lot of love for the Dragon Quest series. I’ve played many of the mainline games well as several of the side games/spinoffs. One of which being today’s topic of discussion. Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker was released for the DS in 2008 (2006 in Japan and 2007 in North America).The game is based around a […]

Archydra – Dragon’s Dogma – Boss Rush

I can’t believe I’ve not spoken about this boss yet, it is among if not my favourite boss; the Archydra from Dragon’s Dogma. Dragon’s Dogma is a fantastic game (with a fantastic theme), one of my favourites and it’s more than a little surprising that the mechanics haven’t been lifted by other big games. Mechanics […]

You Should Play… Plants vs Zombies: Heroes

As I mentioned in my Whatchu Doin’ piece recently, I’ve been playing a bit of Plants vs Zombies: Heroes. As I’ve explained there, it’s a free to play mobile card game based on the popular PopCap Games, Plants vs Zombies franchise. It’s an asymmetrical game wherein you play either a plant or a zombie deck, either […]