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Ebb Software Takes Scorn To Kickstarter

German developers Ebb Software have been working on part one of their game Scorn for the last couple of years. As they neared completion, they didn’t feel happy with some aspects of the game, so they decided to use Kickstarter to get more funding. And that strategy has paid off! In the past few days, […]

IT Review – You’ll Float Too!

The film adaptation of Stephen King‘s It has been a tough nut to crack. Many tried to adapt it, but the film spent ages in development hell. It even looked like Cary Fukunaga would be the one to make the film, at least until he left due to creative differences with New Line Cinema. Fukunaga still […]

Blade Runner 2049 Gets Prequel Shorts

The Blade Runner timeline has always been interesting, especially since Blade Runner 2049 was first announced. The film will be out on October 6 but to help cope with the wait, Warner has made the Road to 2049 website, which shows a timeline of important events that happen in the 30 year gap between films. […]

Third Season Of Stranger Things Is “Likely”

Season two of Stranger Things isn’t even out yet, but it looks like it might be back for a third season. While Netflix hasn’t said anything official yet, there are rumblings of a third season already. They come from different people, one of whom is David Harbour. In an interview, he mentioned the characters growing […]

‘No Stars’ – Rebekah Del Rio – Track Of The Day

I’ve been going on about the new season of Twin Peaks to anyone who will listen. It’s more of a trailblazer than the original show in the 90s and it’s a hell of a way of doing a revival of a show. One of my favourite things is how most episodes finish with an artist […]

James Gunn Discusses Marvel’s Next Phase

A couple of days ago, James Gunn held a live Q&A on Facebook to celebrate the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 on home media formats. During this live Q&A, Gunn talked about the future of the Guardians after the next two Avengers movies and he revealed a lot of interesting information. For starters, he confirmed […]

Injustice 2 Reveals Characters In Second Fighter Pack

This week, Netherrealm Studios announced Injustice 2′s second Fighter Pack DLC, which adds three more fighters to the game. The inclusion of Black Manta isn’t a surprise. Same goes for Raiden (considering that Scorpion was in the previous game and Sub Zero is in this one) but the latest addition is surprising. None other than […]

The Dark Tower Review – Other Worlds Than These

It took over 10 years but the film adaptation of The Dark Tower is out. I will admit that even though the trailers made me hopeful, the initial reviews scared me a lot. Not that I read them, but I saw they seemed to be quite dismal. I still went to see it anyway, not […]

Preacher S02E07 ‘Pig’ Review

After how wild the previous episode was, Preacher dialed it back a bit for this episode. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It just deals with a different thing. “LOOK FOR THE SIGNS, YOU SORRY SONS OF BITCHES! BECAUSE SHIT’S ABOUT TO GET REAL!” Nothing much happens with our Unholy Trinity this episode. They […]

It Director Speaks His Mind About 90s Miniseries

Ever since the movie adaptation of It I saw this question around a lot. Whether it’d live up to or surpass the 1990 miniseries. I mean, Tim Curry played Pennywise, so it’s fair to say Bill Skarsgard has even bigger shoes to fill in this case. It’s hard to argue that the miniseries had an […]