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Sicario 2: Soldado Review – Guerra Sucia

When Sicario came out some years ago it took the world by surprise. It was yet another movie in Denis Villeneuve‘s filmography that helped establish him as one of the most interesting directors of the moment. But the glory of Sicario wasn’t just for Villeneuve. Taylor Sheridan also got his fair share of glory. Sheridan‘s […]

Hereditary Review – It Runs In The Family

There has been a lot of talk about Hereditary in the past few months. Most of it hype. There were plenty of stories about how it was the scariest film ever made or how a bunch of kids in Australia got traumatised after seeing the trailer when they went to the cinema to watch Peter […]

First Look At Season 2 Of Mr. Mercedes

The TV series adaptation of Mr. Mercedes was one of many reasons why I kept calling 2017 the Year of King. Even if for me it’s always the Year of King in one way or the other, but there were lots of Stephen King adaptations going on last year. In the case of Mr. Mercedes, […]

‘Dance Macabre’ – Ghost – Track of the Day

It’s not the first time I have posted a tune by Ghost for a Track of the Day, but they’re one of those bands that are worth it. Ghost‘s newest album, Prequelle, will be out on June 1st. And as is usual with Ghost that means a change of frontman, Cardinal Copia in this case. […]

Nerd Icon: Stephen King

This is my first time writing a Nerd Icon and there was only one possible choice. And that’s my favourite writer, Stephen King. I mean, it was obvious that it’d be him considering how often I mention him both in The Arcade and in real life. Beginning, hard times and success Stephen Edwin King (16 letters […]

Pull List: Week 1 May 2018

Last time I wrote a Pull List, I went overboard. It happened on the month of my birthday so I had an excuse. So now I’m back again and while the list is smaller, there’s a lot of stuff this time because it was recently World Book Day and St. George killed a dragon so […]

Flix on Fleek – And Now For Something Completely Different…

A man with three buttocks. WE’VE DONE THAT ALREADY! Oh, sorry. And now, for something completely different: A man with nine legs. HE RAN AWAY! Oh well, and now for something completely the same this week’s Flix on Fleek is about things I’ve been watching on Netfix or Prime Video. Monty Python’s Flying Circus I […]

First Look at Venom Leaks!

When Fox released the first teaser for Venom, the reaction was a bit underwhelming. Sure, all in all the fact that they didn’t show us Eric Brock in the symbiote was a good thing, but it also caused a lot of doubt. But then again, we also have to consider that it was just a […]

Geeky Goodies – Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game

In this week’s Geeky Goodies I’ll be writing about a project that caught my eye on Kickstarter. It’s an official Street Fighter boardgame. There have been plenty of times where a video game has been turned into a board game. We have examples like Doom or Dark Souls. Those games have mechanics that translate well into […]

Press Start – Do You Feel Like A Hero Yet?

Do you know those moments where people talk about a game that’s supposedly great but you just sit there awkwardly because you haven’t played it? And people just insist you have to play it? That game was Spec Ops: The Line for me. At least until last week. I had heard a lot of things about […]