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Join The GamerStore Legion, As First Ever Content Creator Programme Launches

Join The GamerStore Legion, As First Ever Content Creator Programme Launches


The people at GamerStore.ie are offering a great initiative, where they have set up a Content Creator Programme. Dubbed the ‘GamerStore Legion’, they aim to support up-and-coming Irish based talent, with cash support, brand awareness and new equipment, thanks to the support of their partners at Trust Gaming.

GamerStore Legion will have a number of ranks that you could be apart of, based on your your audience numbers. Each rank will unlock extra benefits and equipment, but basically if you get accepted into the GS Legion, benefits include: 

  • Promotion from GamerStore.ie across social platforms
  • Cash injection based on Legion audience
  • Commission opportunities of 10%, when followers purchase from Legion members link
  • Equipment provided to Legion members by partner Trust Gaming
  • Further rewards and brand ambassador opportunities when goals are met

How To Apply?

So are you interested in joining the ranks of the GamerStore Legion? Well it’s very simple. Just head over to the GamerStore.ie/Legion page and fill in your details. If you aren’t a content creator yourself, why not send the link to your friends or tag them across social media.

So who are GamerStore.ie?

Here are a few tidbits about the company, as we chatted to Stuart Dempsey of GamerStore.ie.
– When did GamerStor.ie begin?
GamerStore is a Galway based company and was launched in 2019 and has grown steadily since, over the past 12 months.
– What are the goals of the store?
The idea behind GamerStore was to create a community led store for gaming equipment and peripherals that would resonate with Irish gamers. There is a very close relationship with Ireland’s leading series of gaming events, GamerFest, and it is planned that there will be many opportunities for GamerStore to attend all future GamerFest events with community focused activations, giveaways, live content etc. 
– Is it an online only or physical store
Online only 
– What type of products are sold?
We supply the best gaming equipment and peripherals on the market including headsets, keyboards, gaming mice, gaming chairs, desks and more. Our brands include Trust Gaming, Corsair, Razer and Steel Series. 
– Some additional info of interest
Irish gamers would have seen GamerStore attend Insomnia Games Festival at The RDS last year, as well as recent GamerFest events. 
Be sure to check out GamerStore.ie on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, or head over to their website, to find out more and apply to be part of the GamerStore Legion.