Home Games Geoff Keighley Goes Hands-On With The PlayStation 5 DualSense
Geoff Keighley Goes Hands-On With The PlayStation 5 DualSense

Geoff Keighley Goes Hands-On With The PlayStation 5 DualSense


As the weeks progress, information on the new next generation of consoles has been drip-fed by both Sony and Microsoft. The marketing and reveal strategy is certainly unconventional for the two companies, but we have gotten a look at PlayStation 5’s controller, the DualSense, via Geoff Keighley and his Summer Game Fest.  

Controller Comparisons

If you compare the controller to the current DualShock 4, the DualSense is marginally large in size around the handles and shoulder buttons. The sticks, buttons and D-pad are similar in size to its PS4 counterpart. Geoff also remarked that the weight of the DualSense controller was a bit heavier than its predecessor.

New to the controller are adaption haptic triggers and motors, which will give varying degrees of force feedback. The share button is now the create button (but was not showcased), while there has been a microphone added to the controller, which will be used to communicate with other players or used in gameplay, similar to the Nintendo DS mic.

Its touchpad is used like the DualShock and an improved speaker gives audio feedback from games. 


Also showcased, was some gameplay for Astro’s Playroom using the DualSense. The haptic triggers give force feedback when performing moves, while walking on different surfaces also gave feedback. Geoff also used the new in-built speaker to blow into, casing an in-game pinwheel to spin.

Astro’s Playroom was announced during the PlayStation 5 event in June. It will be pre-loaded on every PS5 and will be a prime example of the new features coming to the DualSense and PS5.


So one major question everyone has been asking – when will the PS5 be available for pre-order? Geoff brought the question direct to PlayStation Worldwide Marketing head Eric Lempel. Although no concrete date was revealed, people will have some advance notice in order to get their reservation in. There were rumours Sony was shadow dropping the pre-orders in July, which were quenched in the interview.

For the full hands-on preview, you can watch the full video below.

Be sure to come back to learn all the upcoming PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X news & announcements in the coming weeks.