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All The Latest From Inside Xbox

All The Latest From Inside Xbox


The coverage from Microsoft’s recent Inside Xbox event began with the iconic Xbox representative, Phil Spencer streaming from his home and addressing the crowd watching online. This was a glimpse at potentially how these sort of events will be conducted from now on due to the coronavirus.

Game That Opened The Event

Moving on to the content of Inside Xboxthe event opened up with the reveal trailer for a survival-story game named Grounded, that releases on July 28th. Grounded finds the player shrunk in size and lost in a vast garden environment as they fight to survive against enlarged creatures and found out the evil truth to the mystery of the situation they find themselves in. Grounded seems similar in the vein to Ark Survival, only a more unique idea.

Discussions of the Xbox Series X

Moving on from Grounded, the programme manager of the Xbox Series X, Jason Reynolds was brought on to discuss the console. Reynolds discussed Xbox Velocity Architecture and the four major components that it had. These included; a custom designed nvme SSD which Reynolds stated was

“Going to deliver levels of performance you’ve never seen in console gaming before”.

The second component was dedicated hardware decompression block, which was added in order to help developers for the Xbox Series X be able to create much more dense worlds in real-time. Thirdly, a new member of the DirectX family was shown to be named direct storage. Direct storage is a new API that gives developers low-level access to the main controller. Lastly, they discussed the final component, a new feature named sampler feedback streaming. This allows developers to on-demand request data from the solid-state storage.

Games and Announcements Due to Release Independently

Moving on from the discussion of the Series X, the addition of the Batista skin and Batista Bomb finishing move to Apex Legends was revealed to be available. Minecraft Dungeons was further discussed since having its release date changed earlier this month. Lastly, a new game titled Atomicrops was revealed to have a May 28th release.

Xbox Gamepass on Console and PC

The most talked about topic on the stream was the additions to Xbox Gamepass on console and PC. These included; Football Manager 2020 coming to Gamepass for the PC. Mistover coming to Gamepass for PC. Human Fall Flat coming to Gamepass for PC and console with a new DLC announced named Thermal which will be releasing in the Spring. Yakuza Kiwami was revealed to be coming soon to Gamepass with no exact release date revealed. Lastly, Stranger Things 3 The Game & Alvastia Chronicles will both be coming to Gamepass down the line when they release. The Gamepass extravaganza ended with Gears Tactics, which is a fast-paced turn-based game built from the ground up for PC. You can pre-order it currently and it will be included in Gamepass for the PC upon its release on April 28th.

How the Stream Ended

The Inside Xbox stream ended with an extended “sneak peek” at The Last Campfire, and as well as that, a new update for Sea of Thieves was announced named Seas of Fortune, this update will release on April 22nd. Furthermore some explanations about additions to the Xbox One interface. These additions include more detailed family restriction options for the Xbox One and the addition of a co-op option for controllers which allows two controllers to control what is happening on the screen at once.

There you have it. That is all the coverage of the Inside Xbox event stream, not much to be raving about, but some new information to be sure.