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‘Africa’ – Weezer & Weird Al

‘Africa’ – Weezer & Weird Al


Sometimes when I listen to music I really just love going back to the music I grew up on. One song that I have always enjoyed was ‘Africa’ by Toto. I could listen to that song at least once a day. However, one teen (Mary) in Cleveland wanted her favourite band, Weezer, to do a cover of the song. After many tweets, news interviews and a few pseudo celebrities jumped on the wagon, the band just couldn’t ignore it any more. Rivers Cuomo received the following tweet:

This was one of many and, finally, the band ‘blessed the rains down in Africa’. The song was released on YouTube and not only did Mary get to enjoy the song, but so did the world.

Then, on September 24, a music video dropped on YouTube with the Weezer version of the song ‘Africa’. The video features one of my favourite singers/entertainers… Weird Al Yankovic.

So here is THAT video/song for you now:

Hope you enjoyed this bit of joy for your day!